How do I know that Young Heroes is reputable?

Young Heroes was created by and is underwritten by NERCHA, the official organization established by the government of Swaziland to lead the fight against AIDS. Among its other responsibilities, NERCHA is the channel through which all money given to Swaziland by the UN Global Fund Against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis is distributed. In addition, Young Heroes is affiliated with Young Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit corporation that is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the United States.

Does that mean that my donation is tax-deductible?

Young Heroes Foundation has been designated a 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, all donations, bequests and gifts made by American citizens are 100% tax-deductible. For other countries, please check with your local tax authorities.

Is there a minimum commitment I have to make?

We’re grateful for one-time donations in any amount, to any of our programs. Although it is not a requirement, if you are donating to sponsor a family, we urge you to consider making at least a one year commitment so that they can have a steady supply of food. The monthly commitment to sponsor a child is just US$29.95.

How can I donate?

There are four convenient options. The credit card option below is the safest and most convenient option for all parties.

  1. Use a credit card to donate via PayPal. This option allows you to choose an easy monthly debit that continues until you cancel or for a specified amount of time.
  2. Transfer funds electronically directly from your account into the Young Heroes bank account in the United States or in Swaziland. (If you choose the latter, there are fewer bank charges to Young Heroes.) Read the instructions for payment for both banks.
  3. Write a check on an American bank account and mail it to our American address.
  4. Mail an international money order to the Young Heroes office at NERCHA in Mbabane.
Can my monthly donation be automatically debited from my credit card?

Yes. When you become a sponsor, Paypal will debit your card monthly until you tell them to stop.

How are the orphans chosen for Young Heroes?

Membership in Young Heroes’ sponsorship program is open to any child under the age of 18 who has lost both parents. We sign up new children on a community basis by working with volunteers and community leaders in rural villages throughout Swaziland.

How does family sponsorship work?

We’ve calculated the cost for essential food and clothing. If you sponsor all the children in a family, your contribution will meet all these needs. But many families have a large number of orphans; in those cases, your sponsorship is pooled with others until full sponsorship of the family is achieved.

How do you decide “where it’s needed most?”

As we are familiar with all the families in Young Heroes, we can assess their relative needs. In general, “needed most” donations go towards larger families who have a heavier burden making ends meet; child-headed households; and families in extreme poverty.

How does the money get to the orphans?

As directly as possible. If you donate by credit card or American check, your donation goes into the Young Heroes bank account at Bank of America in Northampton, MA, USA. Once a month, the money received is wired to the Young Heroes account at First National Bank in Mbabane. If you donate by wire transfer or international money order, the sum goes directly into this account.

There, the money is converted to emalangeni, the currency of Swaziland. From there, it either goes via mobile money credit by cellphone or as a money order to the families’ nearest post office. The caretaker of the family presents a picture ID card, collects the family’s funds and signs a receipt for your donation that is returned to us.